My New Direction

Welcome to my first blog ever and my beautiful new website! (Thanks Mila Barach at MilaB Studios in Tauranga)

So, art has always been something I have done, painting, drawing, it's always been something I have enjoyed. I have done many paintings over the years, commissions, gifts and just for my own walls at home, but it has always been when I have had the time - that usually meant on a weekend and so absorbed in what I was doing the housework never got done.

Since the age of 16 I have worked full time, even when I had my two kids - and now that I am in my 50's I have realised that I have always worked to live, not lived to work. I actually always wanted to be an Architect - how I ended up being a hairdresser, then an administrator is still a mystery to me!

So - I am about to embark on an exciting, yet scary stage in my life. I have resigned from my job and am now going to take some time to draw and paint - to try to increase my portfolio and to try to spend a good portion of my days creating artworks to make an impact in peoples homes.

I am very nervous, I am not feeling overly confident and at times I wonder what the hell I am doing. But, I have an incredibly supportive family, wonderful friends and I know that I need to give things a go. I want to live my best life - we only get one, so rather than thinking about it, or wishing it would happen, I have to make it happen. Wish me luck!

Jan x

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