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About Me.

I am a New Zealand based, self taught artist that creates from my home studio, (a.k.a my dining room) with a style and technique that is constantly evolving. 

My journey this far has found me painting animals in fabulous fashion and I have painted many loved pets for their owners as well as my own creations.

Your imagination and my collaboration can create the perfect piece for your home.

I always start a piece with the eyes - once they are complete the subjects personality comes alive and the paint just flows! My work is completed with only the best quality archival materials and any challenge is usually accepted! 

I have a wonderful supportive husband and two grown children, who always inspire and encourage my artistic journey, and I am constantly aided and critiqued by my personal assistant, my wee dog, Maxine Bean.

To chat about any idea you have in mind, any subject, please get in touch!


Click to view any of the artworks full screen.
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